Wandering, Remote, and Hybrid Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented shift towards remote work. What started in 2020 as a temporary situation, forcing many employers to quickly adapt and build a new work-from-home infrastructure, has resulted for some as a potentially permanent paradigm shift. Many employees now wish to remain working from home on a permanent basis, and some even moved states during the pandemic (either with or without consulting their employers).

This shift has created a significant compliance risk for employers. Potential remote work challenges cover a large portion of the scope of employer obligations. This includes: benefits and insurance, worker’s compensation and workplace safety, new hire notification obligations, wage and hour obligations including expense reimbursements, timekeeping and payroll requirements, unemployment and other tax obligations, paid leave, time off benefits, sick time obligations, and employee privacy and employer confidentiality.

The Navigator Suite 

How can ComplianceHR help simplify the complexity of employment law for your organization?



Your Compliant Employee Handbook Solution

Remote, hybrid and wandering workers all require handbook policies for the location in which they work, even if your organization does not have an office there. Do you have policies for every local, state, and federal employee work location? 

PolicySmart provides you with: 

  • Local, state, and federal policies for all U.S. jurisdictions
  • Policy templates (both state-specific and national)
  • Twice monthly emails on upcoming policy changes that may impact your organization
  • Policy checklists of policies required by law to include in your handbook
  • An Upcoming policy timeline that illustrates when new laws go into effect
  • State guides with comprehensive guidance from Littler

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The ComplianceHR Reference Center

A Comprehensive Solution for Employment Law and Common HR Compliance Questions

Do you ever have quick questions on employment law or compliance? The Reference Center was created to help HR and legal professionals do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. 

Don't Google questions that could impact your organization's compliance strategy.

The Reference Center provides you with:

  • A simple way to answer your compliance questions
  • Easy to locate content on several employment law topics
  • Deeper insights that bridge multiple compliance concerns
  • Local, state, and federal information


Navigator Independent Contractor

Effortlessly Mitigate Your Risk of Independent Contractor Misclassification

Does your organization employ independent contractors? If so, how are you bridging the management styles required for ICs in states like California and New Jersey compared to those with much less rigid requirements? Are you prepared to handle larger federal changes to the management of contracots?

Independent contractor misclassification is perhaps the most difficult compliance issue that companies face today. Different federal and state laws apply varying tests for independent contractor status, which makes wandering workers a large compliance risk.

Navigator IC provides you with:

  • An easy-to-use questionnaire for inputting individual fact patterns
  • Risk assessments driven by expert analysis of applicable federal and state regulations and over 1,700 court cases
  • Instant, actionable guidance and a customized report on how to lower the risk of misclassification
  • A summary of applicable laws
  • A complete questionnaire transcript


Navigator Overtime

Exempt or Non-Exempt: Employee Overtime Compliance is on the Clock

Have your employees moved states or jurisdictions? If an employee has moved to a different state and is classified exempt, you may need to re-evaluate the exemption status of that employee according to the laws of their new locale.

Determining whether an employee has enough “white collar” responsibility to be exempt from overtime pay can be a difficult, time consuming decision to make.

Navigator OT provides you with: 

  • A simple digital questionnaire to capture your specific fact pattern
  • Actionable risk assessment(s) driven by expert analysis of over 2,400 court cases and federal and state regulations
  • Instant actionable guidance and a customized report on how to lower your misclassification risk
  • A summary of the relevant federal and state exemption standards
  • A complete questionnaire transcript


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